Human Colossus Foundation

Human Colossus Foundation


The Human Colossus Foundation (HCF) is a Swiss-based independent non-profit organisation. HCF works globally to create
and implement the critical infrastructure for a data-agile economy, the Dynamic Data Economy (DDE). DDE enables a new
paradigm in digital living, interaction, and growth, underpinned by groundbreaking concepts and technologies. HCF coined
the term DDE with a vision of it empowering people and businesses to make better-informed decisions based on insights
from harmonised, accurate data framed by sound data governance. Founded in 2020, HCF has successfully secured
multiple rounds of government and private funding to build the initial core public utilities for the DDE, ready for release in

HCF’s mission is to facilitate the creation and subsequent development of the DDE, developing open-source core public utility
technologies and incubating distributed data ecosystems with like-minded collaborators.