HONEST BROKER is an online platform where making property dealing is easy. Suppose someone is looking for a House, Flats, Apartments, offices, retail, Commercial space, PG, Industrial, Hotels, Guesthouses, or Villas and any land. It will help you find the best properties to meet your requirements. At the same time, you can easily select your location and start your search. If someone wants to sell/rent or lease his properties, he can easily list his properties online.
It works on “PAN” India, which is typical for Brokers, Buyers, and Sellers. It facilitates posting Ads for properties, and it’s a very trusty site where thousands of people post their Ads for selling, buying, and rental properties every day. There are two options during selling/buying or renting a property. First, If you want to take the help of any broker to sell/buy or rent your property, you may have to pay minimum brokerage for this, and he will do fair dealing.
The second is that you will not have to pay brokerage if you want to sell/buy or rent your property yourself. But, after posting the ad, your responsibility will be your own; the company will not care about your property. It may also take some time to sell/buy or rent your property.

The word PAN means (“Presence Across India”), which integrates or includes the whole of it, and it means the one body is operating at several locations or places in India. PAN is often confused as {“Permanent Account Number”}. But here we are talking about “Presence Across Nation.”

How Can A Buyer Get A Property at HONESTBROKER?
It is a straightforward step to find a property on HonestBroker. First of all, you have to search on google www.HonestBroker. Visit its official site. You can also search on HonestBroker’s official application, in which you will get all the information related to Real Estate.
Example:- Step 1- You have to choose the “buy” option. & select User type like (I’m the owner, I’m broker, I am a builder.)
Step 2: You have to select the location where you want to buy a property.
Step 3: Choose the property type, and tell buying for what purpose, like ( Residential, Agriculture, Plot/Land, Office, Corporate space, Commercial space/Shops.
Step 4: You have to fill property size according to your need; If the property is available, it will be seen.
Step 5: Fill your budget. & Remark preference.
Step 6: Fill in your Name and Contact details. & Submit. HONESTBROKER’S team will contact you shortly as soon as the property is available.
NOTE:- You can also use the post requirements option to buy a property.

If someone is worried about selling his property, then no need to worry now; HonestBroker is here to help you. We have brought you a straightforward way through which you can find a proper buyer sitting at home. Thus you have to visit our website www.HonestBroker.in and select the post property option in the right corner.
NOTE:- Here too, the same process will be followed which we use to buy.

HonestBroker’s entire team assures you of any services at any location at the best price that is comfortable for you.
Landlord/owner representation:-
Tenant/Buyer representation:-
Legal advisory:-
Corporate solution:-
Property custodian:-
Commercial lease:-

When any Broker agrees with the term and conditions ( T & C), He does his registration on the HonestBroker site and gets a Login ID & password. This is done for associate membership in which he gets 4-5 leads per month and lives on review for three months. This plan is free of cost for every broker/agent interested in associating with HONESTBROKER’S terms & conditions; then, he has to sign or stamp with their signature and any valid actual identity proof which is certified by the government authority. If his performance is good as well as feedback too, then future leads will increase. But Brokers/Agents will do their work under the company criteria and terms & conditions following in the way.

Brokers/Agents must have a minimum of 2 years of experience.
He must be a trustworthy and Reputed person.
He can’t charge from the seller; he can demand from buyers only.
He has to give exact information about the property.
He has fair dealings with the clients.
If the buyer belongs to the company and the seller belongs to the broker, where the broker can charge from both. (seller & buyer).
If the seller belongs to the company and the buyer belongs to the broker, the broker will charge only from the buyer’s side.
If the buyer & seller both belong to the company, then the broker can charge from both sides. (buyer & seller).
If the reseller belongs to the company, then the broker can’t charge.
If Builders, Developers, New properties, Rental properties, etc., belong to the company, the broker can charge from both sides. (seller & buyer).
After three months, when the company will provide leads for associate members, the company will charge 1-2% per lead after closing the deal with clients.

This super particular plan is only for freshers who do not have any experience in real estate, not for associate members. For this specific plan, you have to register on our portal. When your account is created, you have to log in. A dashboard will display now you have to select Lead membership if you are eligible for lead membership, then you have to pay 500/RS. After payment, you will get four leads(HB points) which will help to find the property details in your local area where you feel comfortable. There are no criteria and terms & conditions that apply on behalf of the company. You can work independently, and also you can charge from both sides (Buyer & seller). The new top-up plans will keep coming for you so that you can benefit in the future.

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