A guide to prepare for speaking at events

A guide to prepare for speaking at events

Create effective slides; speak and record your talk seamlessly

Zainab Bawa

Zainab Bawa


How to deliver your talk for a recorded or live session

Submitted Jun 14, 2021

Preparation before speaking - some hygiene and rules:

  1. Rehearse your talk before the actual recording or live performance.
  2. Avoid using words like “so”, “basically”, “you know”. You get better at not using these words if you rehearse your talk three-four times. Also, having post-it notes or speaker notes before you, when speaking, will help you to know what section comes next, and therefore avoid using these filler words.
  3. As gender sensitivity hygiene, speakers of all genders must try to avoid using the word “guys”. “Folks” is preferred if you have to address audiences. Similarly, instead of he/she pronouns, use they/them/their. This helps to break gender stereotypes.
  4. Speak slowly and deliberately. Use your natural tone and voice. This helps viewers to connect with speakers.

When speaking for recording, use the following structure to keep a flow to your talk:

  1. Briefly introduce yourself at the start of the presentation, in not more than 30 seconds.
  2. Explain the agenda of the talk. Or start with an anecdote/story, and then introduce the agenda/flow of the talk.
  3. Jump into the problem statement quickly so that your viewers are attentive. If you take too much time to get to the problem statement, viewers will lose attention.
  4. Show architecture diagrams and code samples to make your case during your talk. Visuals help to keep the audience’s attention.
  5. When concluding your talk, repeat the key insights or main points of your talk.
  6. Have a concluding slide with your contact details. Tell audiences how they can contact you.


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