HelloA11Y Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021

HelloA11Y Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021

Connecting people through accessibility

Aditya Sujith Gudimetla

Aditya Sujith Gudimetla


How does the awareness of assistive technologies by professors impact students with disabilities’ success at the college level?

Submitted May 15, 2021

This research topic proposal was developed to investigate the impact of assistive technology in the students with disabilities’ success within the context of college academia. The principal argument of this writing suggests that the lack of awareness of assistive technology by professors creates barriers that violate the rights of the individual with a disability under U.S. law. Several theories were explored that were relevant to learning and human development.

Humberto Hernandez : Humberto Hernandez is a Colombo-American accessibility activist and Assistive Technology (AT) instructor who has worked for organizations in the private and public sector to break down barriers for individuals with all type of abilities. Humberto is a certified front-end web developer and a future Master in Leadership and Innovation. Humberto has dedicated a significant part of his professional life testing, assessing, and remediating websites- and other authorizing tools to make them accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/humbertohernandez7/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HumbertoEduca and https://twitter.com/HumbertoBizNews


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