Ten years of Hasgeek

Ten years of Hasgeek

In 2020, Hasgeek turns a decade old. Here’s a recap

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Hasgeek launched in 2010. It’s been a decade! Join us for a recap of the year, through the words of the community. If Hasgeek made an impact on your personal/professional journey, share it here.

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Prasanna Krishnamoorthy


Without HasGeek the India community would be poorer

Submitted Dec 14, 2020

HasGeek events are indelibly etched in my memory. In the early days I’ve bumped into so many startup ecosystem founders, CTOs, just trying to get their startups off the ground. And HasGeek was always a cornerstone of where highest quality content, highest quality people, would converge while having the geekiest conversations imaginable.

I’ve also been super happy to see Zainab take it on, and take it to a whole new level.

The next 10 years will take HasGeek even higher, stronger, faster! Cheers!


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Ashutosh Kumar Sahu

**Socializing and Management**

With JSFOO/METAREFRESH 2018 I joined Hasgeek as a Volunteer and it was such an amazing experience that there was no going back. It was a great experience to work with organizers/sponsors. Best part was socializing with Hasgeek crew and other attendees. Hasgeek brings you brings and offers you the best platform for people with same set of enthusiasm. Working with Hasgeek was great equaliser. more

14 Dec 2020