Ten years of Hasgeek

Ten years of Hasgeek

In 2020, Hasgeek turns a decade old. Here’s a recap

Kracekumar R

Kracekumar R


Ten and unbeaten

Submitted Dec 11, 2020

HasGeek has been the reflection of the tech industry’s time in India. Their events have become a reference point for other event organizers regarding content, technology, organization, and community building. They are fearless to experiment with the new formats, conferences, iterative the process, and understand the attendees and sponsors. The geeks who seek end up in the HasGeek community. Chasing the quality and delivering value has created a reputation for their content and hard for other startups to clone.

No participant gets a free ticket to the HasGeek conference. In 2012, I got a free ticket! I purchased a ticket and happened to cancel the ticket at the last time due to work. Then work got over early. I was upset and tweeted. HasGeek was kind enough to offer a free ticket for meta refresh. Later in the same year, I joined HasGeek, worked on building some of the applications and sorted the inventory boxes. It was the initial formative years of my career. Also, HasGeek t-shirts are still occupying my closet!

Both Zainab and Kiran are highly transparent, treated the employees with fairness and respect in the same way how they treat the event attendees and sponsors. Working in HasGeek is one of my best working experiences.

Apart from HasGeek’s high-quality content, I meet an innumerous number of smart folks in their events. HasGeek has opened many doors in terms of employment, friendships, and knowledge acquisition. They have stayed loyal to the motto platform for the like-minded geeks.

In ten years, HasGeek has penned their signature and pushed the tech-community forward. I’m looking forward to a golden jubilee conference.

A silly verse

All of a sudden, it's ten!
In the start, a few women and men
meet a tiny den,
now it's full of geek zen.

With HasGeek,
no tech is beyond anyone's ken.
The events taste like Proust's Madeline,
now everybody's expectations brighten.

Let it explode like a big ten
and show us the golden hen.


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