Ten years of Hasgeek

Ten years of Hasgeek

In 2020, Hasgeek turns a decade old. Here’s a recap

Shreyas Satish

Shreyas Satish


My experience with Hasgeek

Submitted Dec 10, 2020

As a geeky kid graduating from college, I was just curious to go meet folks in tech who were doing interesting work. Coincidentally, Hasgeek just launched their first event (Doctype) at the time and the enthusiasm there was contagious. Discussing the latest exploits, figuring out maps, booing Internet Explorer; it was all there and it felt like geek heaven!

Soon, I found myself speaking at the first JSFoo and frankly, I was surprised to start getting job offers right after my talk! The plot only thickened and I ended up joining Hasgeek in late 2014. Kiran and Zainab seemed like excellent people to work with, and looking back, this was one of the few things I was right about.

I liked being a generalist, so I was really fortunate for the range of things I could dig into at Hasgeek (eg: Product Design & Development, Marketing, Operations, and so on). The broad exposure I got at Hasgeek ended up being foundational when I eventually started my company, ownpath. I could really go on about how much I’ve learned from Kiran and Zainab, but one thing that’s really stayed with me is the attention to detail.

Whether that was software, design, video recording, or even a discussion on stage: it always struck me as to how important it was to be sensitive about every little detail. Hasgeek was always an interesting place to work at and I also ended up making some friends for life.

Most community efforts I’ve observed tend to fizzle out after a few events. Community building is hard, so doing this consistently across a range of topics and for 10 years, is no small feat. I’d like to congratulate Hasgeek for a decade of such great work with building communities and surfacing knowledge that’s otherwise so easily hidden and forgotten. Here’s to a successful next 10 years! ✨


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