Ten years of Hasgeek

Ten years of Hasgeek

In 2020, Hasgeek turns a decade old. Here’s a recap

saurabh hirani


Happy Birthday HasGeek!

Submitted Dec 16, 2020

HasGeek has influenced and shaped up my career in many ways. It has given me and many others a platform to start out public speaking in the easiest and friendliest way possible. I still remember having second thoughts about submitting my first talk for Rootconf thinking it will be a black box selection process. But it turned out to be more of an engaging discussion and iterative approach to honing different aspects of my talk. I got positive, encouraging feedback on areas like storytelling, presentation, flow of content, etc. It made the talk more than just a tech talk. I started engaging more with the Rootconf community and like many those who helped me get better at my talk, I also wanted to pitch in to help others do the same. The community was more than welcoming. Zainab, Anwesha, Rishu, Tejas - the list is endless. Working with them over the years to review talks for Rootconf has been one of the most enriching experiences of my career.

Happy Birthday HasGeek - there are companies that organize conferences and there are companies that build an environment to inspire conference attendees to become speakers. You are the later and I will always look at you as an engaging, friendly, high quality content community which gives attendees, speakers and organizers a reason to view their career more than just a series of jobs.


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