Ten years of Hasgeek

Ten years of Hasgeek

In 2020, Hasgeek turns a decade old. Here’s a recap

Souvik Das Gupta

Souvik Das Gupta


A friendly community, a resilient organisation and a bunch of interesting individuals

Submitted Dec 15, 2020

Before Hasgeek, my idea of attending conferences was similar to that of attending a live concert where you watch a few rockstars perform from a distance. Hasgeek turned the entire idea conferences into that of an approachable community. Everyone at their events — speakers, volunteers, attendees, organisers and sponsors — share a sense of belonging to the same community. There’s something for everyone — great content, a warm setting and most importantly, meeting (and making) friends who naturally turn into collaborators and confidants for life. Their practices have set a high benchmark for tech communities and events in India — open proposals & editorial, great production quality, thoughtful community guidelines, responsible privacy/sponsorship practices and working wifi (yes, that’s no mean feat!).

On a personal and professional front, Hasgeek has made an important contribution to my growth. Their events have exposed me to an unending list of people, ideas and conversations which have helped shape my perspective. They gave me the confidence to be a public speaker in front of an auditorium full of geeks, and even pushed me to do standup comedy on stage! And of course, I owe a lot to them for having a network of friends and collaborators in Bangalore (and beyond).

Over the years, I’ve known Hasgeek as a friendly community, a resilient and down-to-earth organisation, a creative client (for who my studio has made a bunch of their early event websites) and a bunch of interesting individuals who I always enjoy hanging out with.

Congratulations on turning 10! Thank you for everything and look forward to the next 10.


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