Ten years of Hasgeek

Ten years of Hasgeek

In 2020, Hasgeek turns a decade old. Here’s a recap

Devi A S L


A decade of building and nurturing communities

Submitted Dec 22, 2020

I’ve witnessed the journey of Hasgeek through this decade, as a participant, volunteer and a speaker in many of their conferences.

Passion for building and nurturing communities, in the true sense of the word, making the conference experience top-notch, focussing on every detail to make the events more welcoming to everyone, even before “diversity” caught up everywhere else are few things that come in my mind when I look back. I couldn’t have afforded the luxury of attending conferences, without their child-care facilities. What a difference they have made!

I still remember how a BOF session has given me enough courage to take up freelancing, putting aside a regular job. The learnings through conferences, the connections I made there have helped shape up my career at different stages.

Speaker rehearsals were a unique thing that Hasgeek started which helped many speakers fine tune their talks. Rehearsal sessions that Zainab arranged for my keynote at PyCon India with carefully curated reviewers made me a lot more confident to go on to the stage.

Thanks Hasgeek, for helping so many of us to grow and realise our potential. Many more years to come!


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