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Green Essentials started out in 2009. We help people learn how to grow their own food (vegetables, fruits and herbs) at home, organically.

What we do
We coach people on growing their own food at home, organically. Drop in for our workshops, for organic garden inputs or have us design your kitchen garden — outdoors or on a balcony.

We do this through our workshops on organic kitchen gardening (which have had over 4,500 participants over the last ten years), our organic garden coaching service which helps beginners get a quick start on growing vegetables and fruits in gardens, balconies or terraces and by making organic gardening inputs more easily accessible.

The backstory
Essentially, we guide folks who are looking to improving the quality of their food, by growing it organically at home.

Inspired by Poonam Kasturi’s Daily Dump (, we began as a small store, which originated because of our personal adventures (and frustrations) while searching for green products that met our own needs. The store provides gardening inputs and ideas for healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives to products that we use at home everyday. Over the years, we’ve moved from selling green products into promoting the cause of organic kitchen gardening – because of the amazing positive impact that this has on us and on our environment.

We believe that kitchen gardening is an important way to influence us directly (our health) and indirectly (the health of our environment – the water, soil, plants and more). We also try to educate our community about various topics related to the environment. We’ve been a part of various initiatives organised by the International Centre Goa and the Botanical Society of Goa to promote organic kitchen gardening in Goa and Mumbai.

We also provide organic gardeners easy access to the inputs they need to break free from synthetic fertilisers and poison-based pest repellents, via our store at Socorro, Goa.

Yogita Mehra & Karan Manral

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