Meetup 6

Meetup 6

Girls Who Javascript Meetup 6

Vidya Ramakrishnan

Vidya Ramakrishnan


An overview of Vue.js

Submitted Mar 21, 2018

An introduction to Vue.js, an open source progressive Javascript framework. My experience rewriting an app to a single page app using Vue.js


  1. What is Vue.js
  2. Experience rewriting HasGeek TV(in jquery) to SPA using Vue.js
  3. It’s features like html based templates, props, directives, computed properties, filters, mixins, reusable component, single file component.
  4. HasGeek TV app has many admin pages with forms. Our python flask backend has the capability to generate HTML forms and render them. General format that we follow when we require form for an application is as simple as defining the forms fields and backend takes care of providing the form html along with the javascript assets required like multiselect, tinymce, etc. Vue’s dynamic components and computed properties helped us reuse the backend generated form (html and associated JS library) and saved us from writing the HTML all over again.
  5. Vue cli
  6. vue-router

Speaker bio

Got interested in web developement while building an educational games website( for my then toddler daughter. I can talk for hours about composting, gardening and simple lifestyle changes to save the environment!
Currently a front-end developer at HasGeek.



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