Meetup 6

Meetup 6

Girls Who Javascript Meetup 6

This meetup is in Bangalore for women who write Javascript or who wish to learn Javascript. Come discuss your work, interests, and ideas! To join, visit

Talk #1

An overview of Vue.js

By Vidya Ramakrishnan
An introduction to Vue.js, an open source progressive Javascript framework. My experience rewriting an app to a single page app using Vue.js

Speaker bio:

I am Vidya Ramakrishnan, currently working as a front-end developer at HasGeek. I help organise girlswhojs meetup in Bangalore. I am passionate about sustainable living and enjoy gardening.

Talk #2

JS Design Patterns

By Ruchi Mutneja
Design patterns have two major benefits. First, they provide you with a way to solve issues related to software development using a proven solution. The solution facilitates the development of highly cohesive modules with minimal coupling. Second, design patterns make communication between designers more efficient. Will discuss top 5 design patterns in detail.

Speaker bio

I love design patterns as they make our life much easier. Want to share my experience on the same.



Treebo Hotels Corporate Office, Bommanahalli, Bengaluru

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A meetup for women who write JavaScript (or who want to learn JavaScript). Come discuss your work, interests, and ideas! Look out this space for future meetups. Want to present some interesting idea or talk about informative web development concepts you learnt recently, submit your talk here https:… more