Meetup 7

Girls Who Javascript Meetup 7

How Browsers Work- Behind the scenes




In this talk, I will talk about the high-level architecture of browser and there components like rendering engine. What happens when you search for something on the internet? How are browsers rendering HTML/CSS/JS for you? How parsing and Layout things works in browser? How and Why Firefox quantum is fast? Browser’s understands us, now let’s try to understand your browser.


-Introduction to browsers.
-Architecture of browser.
-Component wise explanation. It will cover topics like DOM tree, CSSOM, Render tree, Layout.
-Browser Engine and Browser UI.
-Rendering engine(this will be more about how browsers parse HTML/CSS codes, there will be code examples)
-JS Interpreter- Covers Javascript code parsing.
-Why New version of firefox is fast? What is new there.

Speaker bio

I am an open source contributor curretly working as software UI Engineer. I mostly write Javascript and Rust. Also, I am an Outreachy and RGSoC alumni. You can find more about me here: