Android app resting rather I should say mobile app testers has been witnessing significant demand growth and presently android mobile users accounts for about more than 75% market share globally. Being open-source software had brought huge success for the expansion of android application testing across the world since one doesn’t need to pay any kind of license fees. Continues and steep reduction in the prices triggered by the fierce competition has enabled the enormous price optimization of the handheld cost.
Around 1.5 billion phones are being sold worldwide which gave the booster to the mobile application testing as reflects from the data points below:
• Global revenue from android and IOS apps reached the revenue of more than 100 billion last year wherein Android App Development weighed in that pie for more than $35 billion dollars.
• Games development is playing an integral role here which generated a gross value of more than USD 50 Billion.
• Major Economies for mobile apps downloads includes China, India, the USA, Brazil, and Indonesia where China tops the chart followed by India.
• Primarily clients look forward to mobile app automation testing or also referred to as e-commerce mobile app testing, mobile app security testing. For more information :