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Journey from 1 Million install to 100M+ Installs (Flipkart)

Submitted by sourabh gupta (@guptasourabh) on Saturday, 1 December 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Awaiting details


Session will be about Flipkart Journey
-: From 1 Million to 100+ Million install
-: From 4.1 app rating to 4.5 app rating (7 Million+ Ratings)
-: From 99% crash free sessions to 99.95% crash free sessions
-: From 20MB apk size to 10MB apk size
-: From 50% adoption of users to new apk to 80% adoption within a month
-: App Cold Start time improvement from 4 second to 2.2 second in Android 4.4 KITKAT Device
-: Build Time from 10 Minute to 3 Minute -: Train Model approach for App release


Session will help Developers
-: To build the app for next 100 Million users -: What are the core areas they should measure with every app release -: How to improve app performance based on Learning from Different app -: How to maintain the same with every new app release

Speaker bio

Mobile Lead at Flipkart.Leading E2E Mobile development for Flipkart app
Medium -:



  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Crew a year ago (edited a year ago)

    The slides aren’t accessible, Sourabh. Change the permission settings.

    • sourabh gupta (@guptasourabh) Proposer a year ago

      thanks Zainab Changed the permission.

  • sunny yadav a year ago

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