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Debian Packaging

Submitted by ishaan malik (@championrunner) on Apr 19, 2019

Section: Workshop Technical level: Beginner Status: Submitted


Hands on session on Debian packaging , how can you have your own python or ruby package like numpy or pandas .
Along with that will be providing guidance of how to apply in Open Sourceand what are it’s benefits .
Here is the link , about what is Debian packaging and how one can be a Debian developer or can make there own package

Here is the link to my previous talk , I was selected to speak at Debutsav 2019 by Debian (You will find me in the speakers list)


So I will be starting with how open source works and how debian is playing its role , Why Linux and then starting with the installation of some NPM packages and Docker , after that will be telling the openes or recent bug fixes and how they can either enhance the existing package or make on eof there own .


1 A little bit knowledge of Command line and linux (if not then also will be teaching )
2 Install Docker on the system .
3 Read about Debian what it is and how it started .
4 A basic knowledge of any programming language .

Speaker bio

I am a researcher in the field of Advanced Algorithms and models , I am Open Source contributor for a few organizations like Fossasia , Mozilla , IBM .Likes to spread knowledge and help others .Having a passion for solving Accessibility issues and I love going hackathons, attending conferences, and Travelling.


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