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Automation of Pull Request Review

Submitted by Sourabh Gupta (Tech - BLR) (@sourabhflipkart) on Feb 22, 2018

Technical level: Advanced Status: Waitlisted


Talk will be about how we have added Automation of Pull Request Review using the coding Techniques present in the market and how it will helped us in saving Developer time in Reviewing changes , avoid malicious code to be merged in codebase that causes crashes and results in broken flows.


Session will be about how we have automated Pull Request Review at Flipkart to make sure new changes that will be merged in the codebase should have -:

-: Proper coding guidelines check using checkstyle.

-: Lint warning Validations.

-: Static code analysis check to figure out NPE , Memory Leaks using FindBugs , PMD.

-: Checks on Apk Size and Method Counts using CI Plugins.

-: Unit Test and E2E test cases validation to make sure app is not crashing post launch and will not break any critical flow.

-: Check on App launch time.

Speaker bio

Mobile Engineer@Flipkart.Leading Flipkart Android Team to create top class Android Apps for Billions of Users in India




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