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Android Internals

Submitted by rajesh khetan (@rajeshkhetan) on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Under evaluation


There are many books , articles and paper publications about Android and related applications but only few are related to how Android operating system works internally.The topics I would be covering are Android bootup process ,an overview of zygote , systemserver and how package manager works . I will also discuss about what exists inside an akp file,how an application is started when you click on the application icon on your home screen. This talk will be extremely helpful to foster understanding among new android developers about Android Internals as well as everybody else who desires a general understanding of the internal working of Android powered devices.


Outline :

1) BootUp Process will be discussed in detail (Each component invloved) - Kernel , Init , Zygote , System Server
2) System Server starts all system services . I will be discussing about ActivityManagerService and PackageManagerService in details
3) How ActivityManagerService launches a new application and how processes are killed in Android when device is on low memory .
4) How PackageManagerService parses an apk and optimizes it to decrease the launch time of applications .
5) How PackageInstaller handles installation of apps when installed via side loading

Check the below draft slides :



Speaker bio

Rajesh Khetan is working as software engineer at Harman Connected Services .His focus is on Android system framework development for infotainment systems with an emphasis on increasing the boot time and performance of android for automotive domain .His background and interests span android application , framework development and web development .He has given talk on Android Internals at Google DevFest 2018



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  • Meave Widson 3 months ago

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