State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

On the state of platforms: React Native, Flutter, iOS, React

parth jansari


how to implements common ui patterns with fluter

Submitted Feb 17, 2019

while building apps for mobile we can see some common element used by every apps.some of the components are toast, app bar, bottom navigation bar, app bar etc. In this session, we will see how to build some common ui patterns with flutter.


we will cover how to build appbar, sidebar, navbar, toast, bottom sheet etc.we will also see how those components work internally. we will also how to build these components on your own.


A laptop compatible to run Flutter, participants should have installed the Flutter and atleast tried running a Counter application.
Basic knowledge of Flutter is must.

Speaker bio

Parth is a guy who is trying to grow up and do mature stuff and work but ends up designing, playing games(most of the time) or watching Movies/Tv Series.Parth has lots of experience in designing and two front-end development.right now parth is exploring flutter.Parth has experties in Angular for Creating frontend & ionic and Flutter to create hybrid apps.



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