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Firebase ML Kit : Machine Learning made easy

Submitted by Harshit Dwivedi (@the-dagger) on Thursday, 24 May 2018


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At I/O 2018, Google released the Firebase ML Kit which creates various exciting opportunities for Android Developers aiming to build smart apps without having to worry about the nitty-gritties of Machine Learning.

The Firebase ML Kit APIs offer features like face detection, text recognition, object detection, etc.
Your apps can also label a provided image for special characteristics and identify popular landmarks in a picture.

In this talk, I will outline the usage of all the 5 APIs available in Firebase ML Kit
and I’ll be doing so by using a sample app that utilizes these APIs.

I will be walking you through the working of each api and you will leave the talk having sufficient knowledge of the APIs to go ahead and implement them in your own apps.


The talk is a tech talk which will outline the usage of all the 5 APIs available in Firebase ML Kit.
I’ll be using a sample app that I’ve created and will be walking the participants through the working of each api.

I’ll also be talking about how they can upload a custom model to firebase and use that instead of using the preloaded models.

After the talk, the attendees will have a good overview of these newly introduced apis and they will have enough knowledge to go ahead and implement them in their apps.

Some blogs I’ve written on the same topic :

Github repo for the code covered in the blogposts :


Basic Android development / knowledge of basic Kotlin.

Speaker bio

Android Developer and an avid tech blogger, Harshit is passionate about anything and everything related to android.
He is one of the first Google certified Android developers in India and being an Open Source enthusiast, he’s also a part of various programs like Google Summer of Code and Google Code In as a Mentor.

Harshit is working with Udacity and Coding Blocks, a startup in New Delhi focusing on creating more employable talent.




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