Fragments 2019

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Customising the RecyclerView

Submitted by Hemant Joshi (@hjoshi123) on Dec 4, 2017

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


This is a session on customising the recyclerview and introducing complex layouts which can be achieved using recycler view. It will also include recycler view and how to code it using architecture components


RecyclerView - Introduction and Adapter in Architecture Components
Recycler View - Components
Recycler View - Customising Layout Manager
Custom Animations in Recycler View


A laptop

Speaker bio

I am student and started mobile development a year ago. As a student and android developer I have worked in startups and mentored my juniors. I have discovered that recycler view is complex for beginners and they end up not using it properly. So this talk will deal with my experience of a year dealing with recyclerview and use cases.


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