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A Drive To Kotlin Coroutines

Submitted by Tushar Dhole (Gulhane) (@td) on Jul 19, 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


In this talk we will understand what actually a coroutine is.
The internal working of coroutine. I will also talk about coroutine and thread coparision.


What coroutine is?
Is coroutine a Thread?
Limitation of Thread numbers in program.
How Thread pool solves some problem related to Thread management.
Theory of Suspened function in Kotlin.
Creating Suspened function in Kotlin.
Integrating a courine and suspended function.

Summarizing the impact of courine.


Basic undertangin of Java, Kotlin.
Basic undertsning of Threads, Thread Pool in java.

Speaker bio

Software Developer who’s been working in the industry from 6 Years and has worked on Mobile development for more than 2 years.

I am part of open source community and have developed some libraries related to Android, such as ShakeIt, ScrollShot. I have also contributions to jest and eslint plugin jest.

I was also part of multiple Kotlin workshop as a speaker.




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