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Understanding a Constraint Layout

Submitted by Hardik Trivedi (@trivedi) on Sunday, 16 July 2017


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In this talk I will be taking attendees on a journey where they will understand the Android’s ContraintLayout and entirely revamped Layout Editor. Attendees will learn how to use ContraintLayout and when to use it. Talk will be conducted as live demo.


Talk will cover below points some or the other way

~ Motivation behind introducing ContraintLayout ~ How and when to use ContraintLayout ~ Pitfalls of ContraintLayout ~ Future plans about ContraintLayout

Talk will be for 45 - 60 mins and will fall under beginner level.

Speaker bio

Hardik Trivedi is an Android App Developer at Globant, Pune, IN. When not working on client project, Hardik likes to contribute on StackOverflow. Hardik also provides consultation in Andoid app development to start ups. Hardik loves writing tech blogs and mentoring college students and professionals to become a better programmer. Have talked in various colleges and GDG-Event



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