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Swifty WebService - Open Sourcing Flipkart's iOS Networking Stack

Submitted by Siddharth Gupta (@biocross) on Sunday, 23 July 2017

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Section: Full Talk Technical level: Intermediate

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Swifty + WebService is a new way of doing networking on iOS, and is designed to service the complex networking requirements of modern mobile apps.

Written in 100% Swift, it’s designed to be fully compatible with mixed Objective-C and Swift codebases, and has features such as Network Request Throttling and Prioritization, Request/Response Interceptors, Requesting Blocking based on conditions and other requests, and defines a new way to arrange your network requests and options into a clean, Swift style syntax that’s fully accessible, and extensible from ObjC and Swift callers.


  • Why a new networking stack?
  • Swifty & it’s Features
  • WebService, and writing your first network request
  • Performance (in comparison with Alamofire, NSURLSession)
  • Extensibility & Use Cases

The code will be open sourced a few weeks before the event.

Speaker bio

I’m Siddharth, and I work in Flipkart’s iOS team. I’m a tech enthusiast, a fan of the Apple ecosystem and the Swift language, and am obsessed with mobile application performance. In my free time, I am generally reading, trying out new food, or hacking together IOT and Data projects with JS and Python.



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  • Prabodh Prakash (@prabodhprakash) a year ago

    What is the link to the open sourc’d library - or are you going to open source it on the presentation day?

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