Fragments 2017

A conference on the mobile ecosystem in India


Securing your App for Offline support

Submitted by Kartik Lalan (@kartiklalan) on Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Section: Full Talk Technical level: Intermediate


While handling user private or sensitive data, developers face challanges in where and how to keep data secured. Main motive of the talk is Maintaining Data Confidentality & Integrity while providing offline support, accounting Rooted Android devices as well.


Talk Focuses on Understanding proper method of Encryption & Hashing.


Basic understanding of what is encryption - hashing - encoding

Speaker bio

A Computer Science graduate, working on Android & Info-Security. I also write technical Blogs in leisure time - M.Tech. in CS with Specialization in Information & Network Security. Prior to my M.Tech. I have been working as Android Developer. Currently working as Security Engineer at Security Centre of Excellence - Philips Innovation Campus. I am much interested in exploring out of box exploits.

Conduct Frequent talks and workshops on Android and Info.Sec at several places including OWASP - Null Bangalore Chapter.


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