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Securing your App for Offline support

Submitted by Kartik Lalan (@kartiklalan) on Wednesday, 12 July 2017


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While handling user private or sensitive data, developers face challanges in where and how to keep data secured. Main motive of the talk is Maintaining Data Confidentality & Integrity while providing offline support, accounting Rooted Android devices as well.


Talk Focuses on Understanding proper method of Encryption & Hashing.


Basic understanding of what is encryption - hashing - encoding

Speaker bio

A Computer Science graduate, working on Android & Info-Security. I also write technical Blogs in leisure time - M.Tech. in CS with Specialization in Information & Network Security. Prior to my M.Tech. I have been working as Android Developer. Currently working as Security Engineer at Security Centre of Excellence - Philips Innovation Campus. I am much interested in exploring out of box exploits.

Conduct Frequent talks and workshops on Android and Info.Sec at several places including OWASP - Null Bangalore Chapter.


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    Stephaniee (@stephaniee) 6 days ago (edited 6 days ago)

    This is the hardest part. You have to carefully analyze the use cases for your application and My Homework App know what applies best for each. Are your mobile users going to read data only? Do they modify existing data? A few common patterns can ease the pain.

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