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Kotlin - Let’s code using a first class language

Submitted by Hardik Trivedi (@trivedi) on Sunday, 16 July 2017

Section: Workshop Technical level: Beginner


With Google’s announcement for Kotlin as Android’s new official programming language, kotlin has reached to the thousands of developers. Many developers are aware of its features but quite a few has seen Kotlin in action. My workshop is an effort to share my knowledge to this rich community.


My workshop is an effort to share my knowledge to this rich community. It will cover some of the great features of Kotlin as language and it will show an approach to the developers how we can incorporate those features in Android in a best way. Idea is to write a small application in Kotlin covering few aspects and let other developers also try their hands along with me.
At the end of the workshop along with the basics they will learn concepts like

  1. Functions
  2. Classes
  3. Null safety
  4. Extensions
  5. Lambdas
  6. Higher order functions
  7. Delegations and delegated properties,
  8. Usage of Anko library etc

Workshop is all focused for Android app developers. There are lots of tips available for Android app developers to use Kotlin in Android way.
It can be 1 to 2 hours of workshop covering above topics. Workshop is targeting all groups of developers hence it will fall into beginners category.


~ Android Studio should be pre installed. ~ Java 8 should be pre installed. ~ Git should be pre installed. ~ Kotlin plugin. (Do not worry id studio is from canary channel)

Speaker bio

Hardik Trivedi is an Android App Developer at Globant, Pune, IN. Hardik Trivedi is developing android apps since 2010. When not working on client project, Hardik likes to contribute on StackOverflow. Hardik also provides consultation in Andoid app development to start ups. Hardik loves writing tech blogs and mentoring college students and professionals to become a better programmer. Have talked in various colleges and GDG-Event




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