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Exploring the new Android Architecture Components

Submitted by Akshay Chordiya (@akshaychordiya) on Monday, 17 July 2017

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Section: Workshop Technical level: Intermediate


Being an Android Developer, we all have faced the common challenges of handling lifecycle events, maintaining state and storing data while developing apps on Android. These issues still take our time and we deal with them using different architectures like MVP, MVVM, etc.

At Google I/O, the Android Team announced the new Android Architecture Components (namely Life cycle, Live data, View model and Room) and guidelines to help you solve these common problems.

In this talk we will look at what are the Architecture Components and guidelines, and help you learn how to use them to build robust, maintainable and testable apps.


  • Life before the architecture guidelines and components
  • Why there was need of these components?
  • What are the architecture components?
  • Overview about final picture
  • Looking at Lifecycle
  • Preventing NPEs on rotating using ViewModel
  • Instant UI updates using LiveData
  • Easier interaction with SQLite with Room
  • Looking at Repository pattern
  • Concluding about final picture
  • Build a demo app
  • Questions


Basic Android understanding

Speaker bio

Akshay Chordiya is an Entrepreneur and Android Developer from Pune. He has been working on Android since 3+ years. He is an active community speaker who has been promoting Kotlin and having fun with series of articles, meetups and workshops; even before it was official. He is co-author of an upcoming “Kotlin Blueprints” book



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