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CI in the Android world

Submitted by Sourabh Gupta (Tech - BLR) (@sourabhflipkart) on Sunday, 30 July 2017


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CI is known to world but it is not well implemented for Android. Here we are going to describe pro and cons from practical lessons learned during CI for Andoird @ Flipkart app. CI helped team to achieve Maintain quality of code with every code push (Branching, Github integrations); Enable on time release (Performance validation, Ready to test anytime); Force quality checks (Checkstyle, FindBugs , lint Baseline and Espresso Test validations)


Github - Branching & integration overview
Tools - Jenkins, Open Stf
CI frequency and actions
Validation - (Functional, Profilings)
Challenges & Learnings

Speaker bio

Senior Mobile Engineer at Flipkart.



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    Oliver Jack (@charliewelson) a month ago

    Vast buss, its so incredible, I want to ride this buss as soon with my family ..This is really awing and thanks for posting this such a brilliant and illuminating blog.

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