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Building Progressive Web Apps at Scale - A Practical Guide

Submitted by Vijay Krishna Kudva on Friday, 18 August 2017


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Everyone knows that progressive webapps are awesome! They are the app killers!
But no one talks about how to build them at scale. For a big company practically, just hitting score a 100 in lighthouse is not enough. The Real challenge is to choose the right tech design a right architecture and build right stack and build smarter components and build an app like experience in web.

This talk will take you through the decision making process. Why a company needs a PWA and how we are building myntra’s progressive web apps.


What is PWA and How it can replace Apps ?
APP vs PWA advantages and disadvantages and why pwa wins .
Bringing best of app world to the browser - modern apis
Defining Tech Stack for a great PWA.
App Shell on steroids - Build App like experience - optimize first paint.
Service Workers - doing the right thing, dealing with CDNs.
Push notifications
Animations - hitting 60fps animations in browser - Critical for app like experience
Smart Components - Dynamic image optimizations.
Stitching smoother search experience along with AMP
Build Systems - fast reloads for devs and optimized builds for production, code split
Ajax Calls and Caching - Optimizing for browsers which doesn’t support (Safari - looking at you)

Speaker bio

Vijay Krishna Kudva - Passionate UI Tech Lead at Myntra with 9 years industry experience, currently working on Building Myntra’s Storefront stack.


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    Ruby Verma (@vermaruby38) 13 days ago

    Animations - hitting 60fps animations in browser - Critical for app like experience :(

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