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AndroidThings with Firebase, the new dynamite

Submitted by Devavrata Sharma (@devavrata) on Monday, 3 July 2017


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Whats new in AndroidThings
How you can leverage the Firebase with AndroidThings for your existing and new apps
How you can start developing apps for IoT devices via AndroidThings and Firebase the ultimate combination


Introduction to IoT and AndroidThings with Firebase
What platform has to offer you
How to start for AndroidThings along with Firebase to leverage the best offerings
Where to find more on this, best practices
Do’s and Dont’s

Speaker bio

I am Android specialist at TechJini and one of the lead member of Google developer agency program for TechJini. Developed apps right from for bootstrap startups to big enterprises. I have spoken at couple of events including DroidconIN 2016, Appfest 2016, IIIT hackathons.




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    Hancil Benedict Sequeira (@hancil) a year ago

    Good topic

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    Suresh C (@suresh360) a year ago

    Wow… Good man

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    Abdul Ashif (@monashif) a year ago

    good one

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    Rupak Ranjan Samant (@rupaksamant) a year ago

    Hot Topic on new market Trend … nice one…Informative.

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    Arun (@banti17997) a month ago

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