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Ankit Gadgil


Tracking Protection Using Firefox

Submitted Feb 21, 2020

We often gloss over exactly why personal data is worth protecting. If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. As a solution are you using private browsing or incognito mode? I am afraid it’s not enough to stop the data leaks.

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. Having said that, there is some hope. Its us who can take action to change our habits and start protecting our data.

Let’s talk about possible data threats and the ways to use your browser in a more secure way to protect against them.
This session is for everyone who wants to protect the data and privacy by doing more.


Understanding possible data threats and ways to protect against them.
We will also discuss online tracking, ads and browser fingerprinting.
Follow the demo about how websites track you.
Change the configuration of your browser to help stop these data leaks. And analyze the comparison of tracking before and after tracking protection enabled.
Learn about search engines that do not track you.
In the session, I plan to include details about Tracking protection and browser fingerprinting.

Audience takeaways:
Knowledge of how websites track you.
Understand how their personal data is at stake.
Deep knowledge of configuration settings on Firefox.
Learning the ways to use your browser in a more secure way to protect against them.
Installing the best privacy focussed addons.
Start using privacy focussed search engines.
Potentially become a Firefox user.


  • projector to display slides/demo
  • attendees with their fav browser (firefox!?) installed on laptops/phones - not a mandatory requirement
  • Open mind to discuss privacy :)

Speaker bio

Ankit Gadgil is an Open Source enthusiast who supports in Privacy by design. He is an open web advocate who believes the web should be equally accessible to all for equal opportunity. He likes engineering software through comprehensive architecture and design.
Ankit is a Mozilla community mentor, Mozilla Reps Peer and a Tech Speaker.
As a day job, he contributes code at Red Hat as a Senior software engineer and enjoys working with Python, Java and JS.

  • I have been speaking about privacy and educating folks for over 5 years now. As a Mozilla contributor, I highly advocate for privacy by design/default. I am a part of Mozilla Tech Speakers and have presented multiple sessions and workshops at conferences like Red Hat learns, Mozilla All Hands, DevRel Conf, Foss Events and more
  • I will be presenting on the same topic at the upcoming Open Conf Athens



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