FOSSMeet 2018

FOSSMeet 2018

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Ambady Anand S


Wikipedia - Join the fight for preserving Knowlegde Freedom

Submitted Dec 30, 2017

Wikipedia, as you already know, is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit and it’s available in 299 languages. Wikimedia Foundation is running Wikipedia and other sister projects which provide essentials tools like encyclopedia, dictionary, etc. for knowledge as well as languages to grow. Here I’ll try to explain how you can contribute to Wikipedia and other sister projects and eventually become a part of the largest Free Knowledge community in the world.


  • Knowledge Freedom
  • A brief introduction to Wikipedia and its sister projects
  • How Wikipedia exists and how it evolved over time
  • Importance of Wikipedia in Free Knowledge domain
  • Authenticity & Neutrality of Data
  • Culture of Wikipedia and how it solves various problems
  • How Wikipedia is helping to preserve knowledge in various languages
  • Wikidata - Universe in a database
  • Wikicommons - World’s largest media repository with free license
  • How to contrubute to Wikipedia and its sister projects
  • Why you should contribute to Wikipedia


Bring laptops if you want to contribute on the go

Speaker bio

Ambady Anand S, working in a Web Development Startup named Alpha Fork and an active member in various Free Software groups including FSCI (Free Software Community of India) and FSUG-Thrissur (Free Software Users Group - Thrissur).


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