FOSSMeet 2017

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Santosh Viswanatham


The Limitless web

Submitted Nov 13, 2016

*An Introduction to the evolution of web and why many thought that web is dead.
*An Intro to how things changed and what changed in the world of web.
*Intro to Connected devices project and where have we come so far in Mozilla.
*Debugging cross compatible web applications is way more easy now using debugger.html ! No need to learn using different debugging tools for different browsers ,now use the same debugging tool(debugger.html) across different browsers.
*WebVR- an intro to how easy it is to develop VR applications using webVR, A-Frame
*PWA’s -An introduction to service workers with a demo of how web app works with/without a service worker.
*Introduction to web extensions.

At the end of this talk people will get a clear idea on different changes in the web domain, different emerging web technologies and How exciting working with web technologies would be.


Web has always been an evolving resource. Most people thought that the web is dead about 5 years ago but then things changed.Web has been so innovative in a way which no one never imagined it to be. Web is decentralized and is in a state that it can do anything and everything in the software world. Mozilla built Firefox OS, a completely web based mobile operating system, Launched Connected devices Project to build an entire IOT ecosystem using Javascript, Progressive web apps proved they are not any less than Native apps.Want to know more on How web is conquering the Native, VR platform etc? Then this talk is for you.


Since I will be showing few examples of webVR, People would be able to try building their own vr projects if they get google cardboards or any VR headsets.

Speaker bio

Santosh works as a Front end web Developer at Infosys Limited and Volunteers to Mozilla in Free time. I m a Open web enthusiast,Tech speaker at Mozilla and believes open web can provide powerful Industrial solutions. I Speak on open web, webvr, pwa and devtools.



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