FOSSMeet 2017

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Abhishek A Amralkar


Provisioning Infrastructure(Automation) in AWS, GCE Cloud with Hashicorp Terraform!

Submitted Jan 20, 2017

The session intends to give an idea about bringing up immutable infrastructure in Cloud. This will include introduction on Terraform and Packer. How to write Packer Scripts. How to write Terraform code to bringup infrastrucutre.


What is Terraform?
How it works?
Use Cases
Simple setup with Terraform.
Together we will setup the Networking basics (VPC, NAT, SG) using Amazon Web Services to create a basic clustered application.



Speaker bio

I am technologist with polymath background. I started my career in Linux System Administartion and Data Center Security and now I work on all things like DevOps, Cloud, Linux, Security, Databases, Clojure.

Experience in Linux and Cloud based Infrastructure and Technologies

Advance knowledge of Open Source Technologies.

Have Sound knowledge in Hashicorp products like Vagrant, Consul, Vault, Terraform. Learning Otto and Nomad.

Have deep insights in modern day monitoring tools like Prometheus, Reimann, SignalFX.

Have sound knowledge in Mesosphere DCOS and Mesos based infrastructure.

Have expert level knowledge in Docker microservices. Dont trust me check out my GIT repo ,wher I have put some coolest daemons in Docker


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