FOSSMeet 2017

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

FOSSMeet is the annual Free and Open source software meet at NIT Calicut. We are inviting proposals for talks and workshops at FOSSMeet 2017.

What we are looking for

Through FOSSMeet, we intend to get the attendees, mostly students, get started with the development and usage of free software. You may propose to conduct a lecture, demo, tutorial, workshop, discussion or panel at FOSSMeet. If the contents of your session is the ‘I am feeling lucky’ result of some Google search, there is low probability that it’ll be accepted. Same applies to proposals titled ‘The absolute beginner introduction to X’ and others on a similar line. On the other hand, if your talk is on some obscure, albeit important, free software project that will go over most students head, this might not be the best platform to deliver that talk. There are always exceptions and we leave that to your judgement. If our audience wants it, we’ll try our best to accommodate it. Of course, if you find people interested in your proposal, you can always call a BoF. We are all for BoF’s! :)

Take the above with a pinch of salt. They are no s̶t̶r̶i̶c̶t̶ ̶r̶u̶l̶e̶s̶, only guidelines. All your proposals are welcome and we celebrate every single one that we receive! :D Looking forward to see you folks here.


Your audience (mostly) comprises of smart, above average, GNU/Linux aware students.

Important dates

Call for proposals opens: Oct 27, 2016
Proposal submission deadline: Jan 15, 2017
Proposal acceptance: Jan 20, 2017
Presentation upload: Feb 15, 2017

Contact Us:

For more information about speaking and proposals, contact

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FOSSMeet is an annual event on Free and Open Source Software, conducted at National Institute of Technology, Calicut. The funnel is a space for proposals and voting on events. more

Divyam Madaan


Magic with Qt Quick

Submitted Dec 28, 2016

In this world of applications and web, everyone wants to have one on their name be it for android, ios, Windows and Linux. But we are switching to Cross-platform frameworks for the same. Qt is one such cross-platform framework that provides assistance to developers to make their applications running on all platforms. The talk is aimed on the magic that Qt Quick can create with its animations and features and how I used it in my contribution to GCompris which is a part of the KDE educational suite.


Animation and effects form the heart of a software. Qt Quick provies a range of animations and transitions to enhance the working of an applications and even spreads its magic in the creation of games. GCompris is one such software which uses Qt Quick to spread the education to masses with its 140+ set of activities teaching necessary concepts to a child with being supported in 15+ languages. The community is full of enthusiastic people always ready to help. So if you are a FOSS enthusiast and looking forward to hack in this open source world. You are at the right place.

Here is a sight of the expected topics:

  1. Playing with animations with Qt Quick
  2. 3d magic with Qt quick
  3. Introduction to GCompris
  4. Your first activity/game with GCompris in few minutes
  5. Felt stuck? Community is there to help.
  6. Make your first contribution


Anyone interested with cross-platform framework and applications.

Speaker bio

I am a Btech undergraduate from Panjab university, Chandigarh. I have always been an open source enthusiast and lover. Nothing has been more joyable than being a part of the community and making the softwares better to use.
I have organised various workshops in my college motivating the students to contribute being a part of the open source club of my university and was also selected for the Season of KDE program this year.


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FOSSMeet is an annual event on Free and Open Source Software, conducted at National Institute of Technology, Calicut. The funnel is a space for proposals and voting on events. more