FOSSMeet 2016

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Balasankar C


Taking the world of Communication back to Free Software - XMPP, Kontalk, Signal

Submitted Nov 21, 2015

Intro about how the open protocols XMPP can use used as an alternative to Whatsapp, Telegram etc and discussion about Kontalk and Signal


  • A brief introduction about the issues with Whatsapp and Telegram and other proprietary IM applications.
  • Discussion about the necessity of privacy in communication
  • Demo of Conversations, Kontalk and Signal applications
  • Brief idea about the Omemo protocol


Nothing special. A mind to ask questions and learn.

Speaker bio

In the basic level, Balasankar C is a Free Software enthusiast and evangelist. He is an active privacy campaigner and loves to make people aware about the need of Privacy in their daily computing. He is one of the podmins of, an instance (pod) of Diaspora - the privacy aware social network. He is an active member of the Debian Diaspora packaging team, which tries to make Diaspora installable on Debian by simple apt-get. He has taken sessions regarding privacy and it’s necessity in various places like, Free Knowledge Fest conducted at CUSAT.


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