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Evolution of FOSS (and some non-FOSS) stack at HackerRank

Submitted Jan 16, 2016

The objective is to give an intro into the various components that make up a web application, on how in most applications evolve from few pieces and to more and more pieces connected together.


HackerRank is hosted using a large number of FOSS and few non-FOSS pieces, while it started out as a simple Ruby on Rails/Apache2+PHP server and a simple MySQL database, we have as the application grew added more components, most of them are either FOSS components, or managed instances of FOSS components.

I will be going through the evolution of the various components added and removed to the stack, why they were added or removed. They will try to include

  • When did we add in-memory databases.
  • For what do we use message queues.
  • How do you build a secure codechecker that can run a large number of languages.
  • How we deal with scaling
  • How we deal with deployment
  • Why we moved to a few managed services.

P.S : This talk is unlikely to add to knowledge of any current full stack developer who has worked on production applications.


Should know basics of

  • Linux
  • How networks and servers work
  • How a web application, in some language Ruby, PHP or Python works.

Speaker bio

I graduated from NIT Calicut in 2007, and currently work as Software Developer in HackerRank.


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