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Vaishali Thakkar


Contributing to Linux Kernel - Workshop

Submitted Dec 27, 2015

The workshop focuses on helping students to get started with contributing to the Linux Kernel.


The talk primarily aims at explaining workflow of sending first patch to Linux Kernel. This will be a hands-on workshop and we will take audience along with us in sending their first-patch in the biggest open source project.

Here, is a glimpse of the topics included in the workshop:

  • Introduction to work-flow cycle of the Linux Kernel
  • Overview of Linux Kernel specific communication [mailing list and IRC] etiquettes
  • Configuring and compiling the Linux Kernel
  • Booting into latest kernel
  • Setting up environment to send a first patch
  • Finding a driver to clean up
  • Running and creating first patch
  • Understanding patch best practices
  • Sending first patch in the Linux kernel mailing list [staging directory]
  • What after sending first patch?
  • Overview of Linux Kernel bug finding tools Sparse and Smatch
  • Overview of Coccinelle and Semantic patch language [SmPL]
  • Overview of easy to fix issues like Y2038 issues, Devm functions etc.

Note: This workshop requires git and Linux kernel source code. Guidelines for the prerequisites can be found here


Laptop with Linux environment [either natively or in virtual machine], Git, Linux-next source code

Speaker bio

  1. Vaishali Thakkar is working as a Linux Kernel engineer with Oracle, Bangalore. She worked as an Outreachy, Round 10 Linux Kernel intern on project Coccinelle. She was also selected as a Linux Foundation training scholarship winner under the Kernel Guru category, 2015. Her patches in the Linux kernel can be found here.

  2. Tapasweni Pathak is working as a Developer Associate with SAP Labs, Bangalore. She is involved with open sources. Here is the link to her patches in Linux Kernel.


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