FOSSMeet 2020

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

FOSSMeet is the annual Free and Open source software meet at NIT Calicut. We are inviting proposals for talks and workshops at FOSSMeet 2020.

What we are looking for

At FOSSMeet, we allow the attendees(mostly students) to delve into the field of development and free software. We’re inviting proposals for lectures, demos, tutorials, workshops, discussions, and panels for FOSSMeet‘20. Separate proposals will be taken for one-hour sessions by professionals and thirty-minute talks by students. Upvotes will not be considered in the selection procedure.

Fair warning - if the contents of your session is the ‘I am feeling lucky’ result of a Google search, there is little probability of it being accepted. However, we welcome and celebrate every single proposal we receive. Do treat the above as guidelines rather than rules. Looking forward to your suggestions and seeing you folks at FOSSMeet‘20!

Note : Along with your proposal, you must send a 7-10 minute demo video (or a link to video) on any topic of your choice to us at Visit for more details.


Your audience (mostly) comprises of smart GNU/Linux aware individuals.

Important dates

Call for proposals opens: February 19, 2020
Proposal and video submission deadline: March 6, 2020
Proposal acceptance: March 10, 2020
Presentation upload and dry run: March 20, 2020

Contact Us:

For more information about proposals, contact

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FOSSMeet is an annual event on Free and Open Source Software, conducted at National Institute of Technology, Calicut. The funnel is a space for proposals and voting on events. more

varun krishna


Why Clojure? - Modern LISP on JVM

Submitted Mar 6, 2020

Clojure is a pragmatic language choice for programmers. It is a Functional Programming language with immutable data and first class functions.The dynamic type system of clojure makes it really flexible, productive unlike many purely functional programming languages. It leverages the stability, security and portability of the JVM. Which makes it a popular choice amongst startups, as it allows you to scale without comprimising on productivity or performance. The REPL makes interacting super-intuitive and lets one prototype rapidly. It also has a strong concurrency support, which makes it really useful to ooze out maximum performance from multi-core systems today without worrying about locks and threads!

And the best part? You can use all the libraries that come with java, making it a great choice for real world applications and general purpose computing.


The idea is to take a simple program and implement it in clojure while showcasing its different features

Introduction (2 mins)

  • What is Clojure?

Live Programming (25 mins)

  • S-Expressions (And comment or two about LISP :p)
  • Looping using recur
  • Lazy sequences
  • Anonymous functions
  • Java Interop
  • Concurrent Programming with refs

Some interesting clojure projects (3 mins)

  • ClojureScript - the javascript compiler for clojure
  • libpython-clj - bring python to clojure and vice versa!
  • ferret - clojure in real time embedded control systems


An open mind would be great :)

Speaker bio

I am Varun Krishna S, a student developer from Govt. Model Engineering College Kochi. I am clojure/python enthusiast currently interning at SaveMo trying to extract Transactional Information from SMS data. My love for functional programming started with trying to play around with haskell in school, but caught on when I worked on building a clojure application at nilenso where I interned briefly. I generally associate myself with building reliable backend applications or tinkering with hardware most of the times. Not a huge fan of hackathons but been to a dozen and won a couple. I do tend to rant quite a lot on how the future is decentralized and functional :p .



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Abraham Raji

How I stopped worrying and love the fork bomb.

The ageless romantic-comedy of the inanimate text in specific order when transformed into electric signals help us recieve, store, interpret, process and create information, it’s creators, it’s users and their freedom. Starring: more

06 Mar 2020