FOSSMeet 2020

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Sreeram Venkitesh

Sreeram Venkitesh


The KDE Community

Submitted Mar 3, 2020

The session will be about the KDE community. I will speak about its history and inception, its evolution over the years and how you can get started with using KDE products. Different aspects of KDE, such as the desktop environment the different apps, and the programs they have for beginners wanting to get started in open source.


  • History of the KDE Community
  • Why use KDE?
    .. The Kool Desktop Environment
    .. Apps - Kdenlive, Krita, KDEConnect (and all the other good stuff!)
  • Programs under KDE
    .. Season of KDE - how to get started with contributing to KDE?
  • Events of KDE
    .. KDE Conf India
    .. Akademy
  • How you can be a part of the community?
    .. KDE Malayalam


Projector, HDMI Cable, a curious mind

Speaker bio

The speaker is a GNU/Linux enthusiast who is a third year engineering student and also a YouTuber. He was selected as one of the student contributors for Season of KDE ‘20, a program like GSoC, by KDE. He also uses Arch btw :P



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