FOSSMeet 2020

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

vikas s badami


Ethical AI

Submitted Mar 5, 2020

AI has been at its peak for the past few years, making things which were thought never to be possible at reality. Let us take a peek into a few of these applications with a pinch of morality. As we envision a future with Artificial General Intelligence, let’s try questioning ourselves if an algorithm trained by humans can be considered intelligent in the first place? How rational and ethical are the decisions of the current state of art AI models? Is AI a threat to humanity or is the threat just a hype? Let’s use our intelligence to understand the AI inside out and answer critical questions like what should have been done, what is being done and what can be done.


EU recently banned the use deployment of AI-based surveillance.
Uber self-driving vehicle killed a pedestrian.
Deep Fakes have penetrated various industries in numerous forms like Fake News, Deep Nude, etc with unreversible consequences.
Kaggle recently announced Deep Fake Detection Challenge with AWS, Facebook, Microsoft, etc as its sponsors.
DARPA recently announced it weighing a project on an autonomous gunned drone via its Gunslinger program.
OpenAI which was supposed to Open all their AI works to the public, according to its foundational idea, took a step backward to release GPT-2 code to the AI community and later reversed its decision and make the code public.
Let’s understand the (ir)rationality behind all these use cases and try answering the obvious questions - Are we ready for Artificial General Intelligence?


It is just a talk, so the presence of mind with a good sense of humor will be appreciated.

Speaker bio

As a well established AI and ML specialist, I have tutored and taught AI and robotics to over 10000 students and am currently helping various startups leverage this wonderful technology. I am Flipkart’s GRID ML Challenge semi-finalist, DRDO’s DRUSE zonal level participant and Kerala XR Challenge finalist. The best of the recognition for my skills came from Pi School Of AI, Rome, Italy when they selected me for a 2 month externship program inspite of the minimum preferred qualifications being a MS with atleast 3 years of experience making me the youngest attendee till date. Have been working on deployment of AI for various global companies like Octo-Telematics and UESSE SRL.




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