FOSSMeet 2019

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Aswin Mohan


Building the Map front-end for Kerala Rescue

Submitted Jan 15, 2019

During the Flood of 2018, I created and maintained the Map frontend of KeralaRescue with a lot of help from contributors and volunteers. In this talk I will outline my journey with the map from it’s inception to it’s discontinuation.


The talk will consist of these sections

  • How the idea for the map was conceived
  • What technologies were used in building it
  • How it became the official map of Kerala Rescue
  • The technological challenges in building it
  • How Open Sourcing it and external contributors made it from a barely functioning prototype to a full functioning App
  • The role of transparent communication in Open Source


  • Interest in FOSS

Speaker bio

I’m a third year CSE student at College of Engineering Chengannur. I am also the maker of LessPhone Launcher(Previously NoPhone).

I really love the freedom that Open Source brings to our life (Not the freedom about privacy, but the freedom to modify and customise our software to our liking). I love giving back to the software that I use either in code contributions, testing out features and hanging around in the issue tracker.



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