FOSSMeet 2017

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

vigneshwer dhinakaran


OpenIOT - IOT for the future

Submitted Dec 5, 2016

There’s a great problem with privacy in IoT. This talk will be an interactive session to discuss about the various challenges and potential solutions for data standardization, policies and practices.

Common user are not very much concerned about privacy and big players explot this factor to collect data and features without proper notice to users.

Whats OpenIOT

OpenIOT is an Open Project inviting community members to build architectures, standards, tools, policies and encryption algorithms for an IOT future world.

Potential Projects

  • Build Prodution grade IOT architectures
  • Policies on data collection
  • Data Standardization
  • Encryption algorithms for packet level safety
  • Privacy check tools and services to help users monitor status


  • Introduction to IOT
  • Challenges in IOT
  • Deepdrive into data collection and User privacy
  • Why we new policies and practices
  • OpenProjects to lead Standardization
  • Data Standardization
  • Oath to new OpenIOT design


Projector, Sticky notes & Pen

Speaker bio

Research analyst working on real time data analysis in a R&D facility of a leading analytics company in Bengaluru and a Mozilla Representative in India.



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