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Jaisen Nedumpala

Jaisen Nedumpala


Poorna - The complete Malayalam Unicode character set keyboard

Submitted Dec 30, 2023

Poorna is an extended Inscript / Remington keyboard layout which is available in Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac and Android. It contains all Malayalam Unicode characters.

Inscript and Remington are the two traditional keyboard layouts widely used by DTP operators and government officials to key-in Malayalam script. Current Unicode character set includes several archaic Malayalam characters including dot reph, Malayalam numerals, fractions, signs etc. But these newly encoded characters are not available in the traditional Inscript / Remington layouts available in the leading operating systems.

We initiated a project which aims to fill this gap in order to help the wide range of users who want to key-in all these full set of Malayalam Unicode characters. The potential users of these keyboard layouts include DTP operators, Government officials, Academicians, Students and so on.

We extended these layouts including the complete set of Unicode Malayalam code points and released in GNU/GPL license as follows:-

  1. Poorna Extended Inscript for GNU/Linux
  2. Poorna Extended Inscript for Windows
  3. Poorna Extended Inscript for Mac
  4. Poorna Extended Inscript in Indic Keyboard for Android
  5. Poorna Extended Remington for GNU/Linux
  6. Poorna Extended Remington for Windows
  7. Poorna Extended Remington for Mac

December 25th 2023 (Christmas) was the 1st anniversary of this project.


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