The Akoma Ntoso Open Standard

The Akoma Ntoso Open Standard

Documents standard for legislative and judicial documents

There is a lot talk about new standards and protocols that are upcoming to transform governance and consumer applications in India. In this series of talks, Fifth Elephant’s focus is on open standards and how they are used everywhere from governance to building blocks of of internet. This series is being initiated to bring discussions among the community about the role of standards in technology projects. This will include

  1. Introduction Explainers to Open Standards
  2. AMA sessions with people involved in some of the standards making process
  3. Call for Presentations (CfP) to talk about upcoming standards in the industry and governance.
  4. Fostering collaborations within the business and engineering communities to work towards mitigating the risks associated with faulty standards.

The first session under this series in on Akoma Ntoso Standard. The Akoma Ntoso is a open document standard for judicial and legislative documents. Akoma Ntoso representations are in XML format of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents. The XML schemas of Akoma Ntoso make explicit the structure and semantic components of the digital documents so as to support the creation of high value information services that deliver the power of ICTs and increase efficiency and accountability in parliamentary, legislative and judiciary contexts. Akoma Ntoso is an initiative of “Africa i-Parliament Action Plan“, a programme of UN/DESA. In this lecture Ashok Hariharan, who was involved in the making of Akoma Ntoso Standard, will walk you through the specification and why courts across the world are using it. Ashok has been working in the Legal / legislative informatics space for 15 years.

Who should participate:

  1. Engineers and product managers who working on legal tech products.
  2. Business professionals who want to understand the process of standard making and what it involves.
  3. Lawyers and legal academics who are working on issues related to courts and reforms.
  4. Practitioners who are working on implementing these systems in courts.
  5. Policy professionals working on issues related to assembly and parliamentary documents.

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You can join the zoom call via or watch it live on youtube

References for this session:

  1. Akoma Ntoso Standard
  2. A Multilingual Nation Like India Is Incapable Of Conveying The Law To All Its Citizen
  3. Nyaaya Laws of India Project in Akoma Ntoso Standard

About the organizers: The Fifth Elephant is platform for practitioners working with data (engineering, to application of data science for different use cases) to showcase their work and to collaborate.

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The Akoma Ntoso Standard

The Akoma Ntoso Standard

1 hour 4 June 2020

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