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Solving real world optimization problems using AI & ML

Submitted by Varun Khandelwal (@varunkhandelwal) on Monday, 26 March 2018

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Technical level: Advanced


In this session i want to talk about how I have used ML, AI & IoT to solve real world complex business problems. Some of the problems I have worked on are:
1. For truck logistics company: finding optimal stations for fuelling
2. Route optimization for logistics company
3. Catchment area optimization for fishing company
4. Data centre optimization for Telcom company

In session i will share my experience of how different AI & ML alogithms like Genetic Algorithm, linear optimization, ML regression & classification models, Neural Networks were used to solve these problems.
Some of the solutions i worked on are in production in many countries across the globe with 10000’s of users using the solutions.

I won’t be talking about the platform/languages I used for solving these problems, but just advantanges and disadvantages of different approaches based on my experience.


  1. Optimization problems & its uniqueness in business
  2. AI methods for Optimization
    a. Genetic Algorithms b. hueristics search c. linear optimization
  3. ML methods for Optimization
    a. Regression b. Classification c. Neural Networks

Speaker bio

I am a Solution Architect (Data Science) with TIBCO Software. Through thought leadership and customer engagement, I help businesses remain competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape. I have worked in many industries like Financial Services, Energy, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods & Retail, and Telco, Media & Networks to address data science business problems. I also work as a technology evangelist to spread the Analytics/Data Science message across customers, partners and community.


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  • Hari C M (@haricm) Reviewer a year ago

    Your slides don’t have enough information for us to evaluate this proposal.

  • Varun Khandelwal (@varunkhandelwal) Proposer a year ago

    Hi Hari… I made ppt to list just one approach for optimization (and how it can be made better from its generic form, based on my experience)..In outline i have mentioned algoeithms i will talk about and some tricks to make them work better.. Are you looking for complete ppt?

  • Hari C M (@haricm) Reviewer a year ago

    Yes, I’m looking for complete ppt. It’s ok, if it’s not polished.

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