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A NoSQL search engine to search ^ H ^ H ^ H ^ H ^ H ^ H find ...

Submitted by Aravind Putrevu (@aravindputrevu) on Wednesday, 11 April 2018

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Technical level: Beginner


Are you still searching within your data with some SELECT * FROM person WHERE name like ‘%aravind%putrevu%’?

Besides the performance, are you sure to be back to your users?

How to find your way around the world, how do you do it? How does it work?


  • Introduce Elastic Stack
  • Why search?
  • How do you do search today?
  • Search in SQL database with terms, like terms, typos
  • Search at scale
  • Final remarks

Speaker bio

Aravind is a loquacious person, who has something to talk about everything. He is passionate about evangelising technology, meeting developers and helping in solving their problems. He is a backend developer and has six years of backend development experience.

Previously, He worked at McAfee Antivirus as a Sr. Software Engineer in Cloud Security Domain. He has deep interest in Search, Machine Learning, Security Incident Analysis and IoT tech. In his free time, he plays around Raspi or a Arduino.


Preview video


  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a year ago

    Please upload preview video for this proposal.

  • Aravind Putrevu (@aravindputrevu) Proposer a year ago (edited a year ago)

    I’ve added a preview video, please check.

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