Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta


AI Maturity Continuum: A Three-Step Model to Understand Return On Investment (ROI) in AI

Submitted Oct 14, 2023

Building AI models/systems doesn’t come cheap. Data, Compute Talent, Time - it all comes at a high price in the AI world. Given the size of the investment, be it a 0-1 startup or MNC, it is important to understand the ROI (Return On Investment) upfront.

In this talk, we will look at “AI Maturity Continuum” - a framework that helps to conceive, build & mature AI systems while keeping business outcomes in mind. To explain the framework, we will use the ROI curve in AI.

We will see how & why the ROI curve in AI is very different from the ROI curve in traditional software/IT development. This explains why the age-old corporate wisdom of “early wins” does not work in AI. Above all, the framework guides you on the kind of AI talent you must hire and how this changes with time. This directly impacts your AI hiring strategy!


  1. A concrete yet simple framework to conceptualize “ROI” in AI projects
  2. Understand why ROI in traditional Software/IT behaves very differently for AI
  3. Understand how & why ROI for AI systems changes with time.
  4. Why where you are on the ROI curve in AI has the greatest bearing on the kind of AI talent one needs to hire and How this changes with time
  5. Why contributions margins in AI business are low and will never be anything like SaaS



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