Impact of Non Personal Data Report

Impact of Non Personal Data Report

A meeting for sharing inputs to draft responses to the proposed Bill

About NPD meetings:

This activity is a series of meetings and discussions to understand the draft Non-Personal Data report, and to send written responses to the bill (for those wanting to) by the deadline, 13 September.

The deadline for submitting responses to the NPD report is 13 September.

Based on the initial RFC, The Fifth Elephant’s final response is available for review and comments here:

Archive of past meetings:

The first meeting was held on 10 August, which resulted in participants contributing questions and comments on this document:

The second meeting was held on Tuesday, 25 August, where Srikanth Rajagopalan, CEO at Perfios Account Aggregation Services will explained the regulatory landscape with PDP and NPD, and responded to questions about how to put value on data, and impact of NPD on business. This was a closed door session, with no video recording. Chatham House Rules were followed for this session.

The third meeting will be held on Saturday, 29 August. Sathish KS, VP of Engineering at Zeotap has data aggregator product background. He shared the impact of the proposed NPD Bill on data businesses. Shaik Idris, participant in earlier meetings, has been instrumental in helping put this session together. See the Updates Section for link to his presentation and summary of the session.

The fourth meeting was held on Friday, 4 September with Annabel Lee, Yolnd Lobo, Reshu Natani and Uthara Ganesh from AWS APAC and India Public Policy divisions to unpack the relationship between data and innovation, as outlined in the NPD report. This meeting was a closed door session, with no video recording. Chatham House Rules were followed for this session.

Background to previous sessions: While we were waiting to see progress on the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB), there is another volley that has come the way of startups, businesses and tech - a report to recommending regulation of non-personal data.

The draft of the Non Personal Data draft report leaves many questions un-answered:

  1. What constitutes non-personal data?
  2. What happens to the Intellectual Property Rights regime as the report discusses economic exploitation of data without elaborating on who is the owner of IP?

13 September is the last date to submit responses to this draft report. The meetings have been held for practitioners and organizations writing responses, and who want inputs on:

  1. Concepts mentioned in the draft.
  2. Open-end questions, such as that of IPR.
  3. Issues to highlight in responses to this draft.

If you are writing a response to the report - or not writing one, but want to know how this bill will affect your business and engineering processes - register to participate. Participants are requested to post questions and comments beforehand, so that these can be discussed in the session, and to help those writing responses to sharpen and finetune these.

Contact: The Fifth Elephant on or call 7676332020 if you have questions.


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NPD and its impact on data businesses

NPD and its impact on data businesses

Sathish K S, VP of Engineering at Zeotap

1 hour29 August 2020
Impact of NPD on business and tech - session 1

Impact of NPD on business and tech - session 1

1 hour10 August 2020

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